£40,000 figure is a projected example. It assumes a 5KW system earns; £203/year from Generation Tariff and £95/year from Export Tariff (these are the 2 elements of the feed in Tariff), over the twenty years that the feed in Tariff is secured by the government. Solar panel funding, and all additional sites and affiliations have no association with the government whatsoever. It additionally assumes £360/year of energy savings, over twenty five years – that is the time period over that most systems have a performance guarantee. an {extra} £225 is assumed to return from extra potency enhancements through the solar iBoost system (availability of this varies reckoning on your area), that pre-heats hot water. The annual figures are from the Energy Saving Trust web site at time of writing. All figures are estimates as a result of your energy use and tariff could vary, as could the number of electricity generated by the system you install – counting on the actual kind of panels you decide on, the weather, and the size and orientation of your system. due to the fit change the installation capability was a problem therefore the 600 places left figure relies on how many leads our client base would take.